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Yamaha Emax - Concept

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

The Yamaha VMAX (one of my top 3 favourite motorcycles) is a legendary motorcycle known for its powerful performance, muscular appearance, and distinctive styling that was first introduced by #Yamaha in 1985.

It featured a powerful V4 engine in a long and low chassis and a muscular appearance that set it apart from other bikes in its class.

Concept by Vineet Sharma |

Since electric motor seems to be the future (till further notice) – I decided to finally sketch this concept that I had in mind for the last few years.

Concept by Vineet Sharma |

I call it the Yamaha EMAX (since my concept features a powerful electric motor), which embodies the future of emission-free riding. This motor will deliver instant torque much better than its predecessors, while the lightweight frame equipped with a single crown left-fork ensures agile maneuverability and whacky styling.

The EMAX can also have an integrated AI system that enhances safety, connectivity, and enhanced riding pleasure.

Concept by Vineet Sharma |

The high-capacity battery motor with defibrillator should provide an impressive cruising range, while the regenerative braking system maximizes efficiency to the next level.

The overall styling has been inspired by the previous generations of the VMAX combined with muscular and wild shapes from the Gundam mobile suits and my imagination.

Hope the Yamaha design team considers this concept seriously.

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