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Ultraviolette XT-1 Off-Duty Adventure Motorcycle concept

This is one of my favorite work till date. Primarily because it's exclusively designed for one of my favorite motorcycle company (Ultraviolette Automotive) who recently launched a kick ass motorcycle designed and made in India.

I couldn't stop myself to create this concept for Ultraviolette as I really want them to create an electric adventure motorcycle.

The Ultraviolette XT 1 Off-Duty is more than just a do-it-all motorcycle concept; it's a commitment to sustainable adventure.

The XT 1 Off-Duty redefines the adventure riding experience especially for environmentally-conscious thrill-seekers who like to raid anywhere - anytime.

Designed for the modern adventurer, the XT-1 boasts a rugged yet refined aesthetics. The lightweight chassis, constructed from advanced materials, ensures agility and stability in all environments.

This adventure motorcycle can also store a standard riding helmet in the special compartment right above the core. The luggage carrying capacity will be sufficient for one to live off the grid for a long time.

The 90 litre BikePack can be used to trek around the wilderness as it stores a large volume of necessary items. Meanwhile, the side Jet Panniers can store your unnecessary items. The aerodynamic Jet Pannier can be mounted / unmounted and transported around easily, thanks to the aircraft style retractable wheels.

A high ground clearance, and adjustable suspension allow riders to raid any obstacle or terrain with confidence. Signature LED lighting representing Ultraviolette logo illuminates the trails ahead, while a massive digital display will provide essential riding information and real time navigation at a glance.

With Ultraviolette engineering, the XT 1 electric drivetrain will not only offer exceptional torque but will also provide A.I assisted customizable riding modes to adapt to varying riding conditions in the city, in desert, in slushy/wet conditions or in the high-altitude mountains. The XT 1 can also feature regenerative braking system which extends the range and enhances control while descending treacherous descents.

The Ultraviolette XT-1 Off-Duty redefines the boundaries of adventure riding, seamlessly blending the thrill of exploration with the responsibility of environmental stewardship. With its silent power, adaptable performance, and smart connectivity, this concept adventure motorcycle offers a glimpse into the electrifying future of two-wheeled adventures.

Hope to make this concept a reality with the Ultraviolette Automotive team.


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