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Oakley + K&N Airline mask concept

The Oakley and K&N Airline concept mask with a sunglass type frame encapsulates both style and functionality in one innovative design. This hybrid concept seamlessly combines the protective features of a mask that supports K&N lifetime bio-filter with the comfort and appeal of sunglasses, offering a unique solution for individuals seeking a blend of safety and style.

The concept also features a shatter-proof magnetic clip-on polarized lens that can be used while spending time in the outdoors.

Wearing a standard mask during the COVID-19 pandemic presented a range of challenges. One of the foremost issue - discomfort and difficulty in breathing, communicating while facing claustrophobic situation. This issue was primarily faced by athletes and people serving in the field.

Additionally, humans had to face irritating experience while talking to anyone. Glasses wearers encountered the frustration of constant fogging, impairing their vision. Prolonged mask usage also led to skin irritation and allergies.

This concept eliminates all these issues. Specially designed for Sports and Military use - the main idea behind this concept is to create inhaling / exhaling space and enough ventilation with virus protection in a durable design with superior quality materials that a standard mask cannot provide.

If manufactured by two leading brands – The Oakley and K&N Airline concept can terminate all the challenges humans had to face during the pandemic and can prepare them for similar situations in future while enhancing the overall mask-wearing experience.

Concept by Vineet Sharma | Core Design Lab |



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