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Tata Nano Electrica - Concept

The Tata Nano was a small budget car produced by Tata Motors. Designed to provide an affordable and accessible means of transportation for the masses, this mini rear-engine hatchback was designed to appeal to motorcycle and scooter commuters in India who were looking for a cheaper alternative in 4 wheel segment.

The production of the Tata Nano stopped sometime back, however I was always fascinated with this small wonder and imagined it in more futuristic and electric avatar.

Hence the concept was sketched and I call it the Tata Nano Electrica.

Concept by Vineet Sharma |

From its streamlined design to its emission-free electric power, this iconic small wonder packs a big punch and is ready to electrify the future.

Let's hope Tata Motors can bring this concept sketch to reality in the near future.



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