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Logo Design - Purpose and why do they matter?

Emperors, Aliens, Countries, Products, Bands, and more have been using their unique identification mark since forever.

Pandava and Kaurava armies during the the Mahabharata War ( An Indian epic 5561 to around 950 BCE) displaying their Flags with unique identification marks.

Importance of Logo Design

A logo (the symbol of the entire identity & brand) is your products first point of connection with the outside world and helps them to identify you quickly in the crowd of any class.

Look around while reading this piece and you can easily point out multiple logos without any efforts. From your phone, computer, sunglasses, beer can or even a refrigerator.

Uma Thurman (Black Mamba of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad) from the famous Hollywood movie "Kill Bill" flashing her Hattori Hanzo katana which scares the hell out of the gang members as soon as they see the stamped logo.

These unique identification symbols are scattered all around us and wherever we go around the world. These Logos / Symbols can often create a long lasting impression in any form.

In simple words – A logo is a strategic symbol or a visual object to identify you and represent you / your products / brand value to the world and a unique identification is what really matters.

Do you really need a logo?

It does not matter to which industry you belong (from food joints to software’s to aerospace), if you plan to run a business successfully – You need an original and a meaningful logo.

A globally recognized logo which needs no introduction wherever its placed.

A well planned and a professionally designed logo will be unforgettable, helping your customers to remember your brand and identify it anywhere.

Shapes and colors are easier for the human brain to process and memorize compared to words. If the identity is unique in the marketplace it’s easy to find and identify your company once again to use its services, to purchase the products and to recommend to friends and other business associates.

5 Characteristics of a professional logo design.

Apart from a meaning (depending upon your business plans, products or history) your logo should have these 5 characteristics.

1. Simple – A smooth logo with clean lines and uncluttered elements gives a clear and quick brand image to your audience. Simplicity is more impactful.

2. Memorable – A logo design should be easily recalled and create a sensation after just a glance.

3. Originality – Don’t follow common patterns and DO NOT COPY elements from other logos. An original logo is the key to a successful brand.

4. Timeless – Companies may change their products, services time to time and some logos may require bit of tweaking in future while maintaining the original characteristics. Eg: AirTel, Burger King, UPS.

5. Adaptability – Your logo should be good enough to be used on items like, Decals, Badges, Merchandise, Engraving, Embossing and should be usable on all sorts of background colors on small and large scale.

Remember – A great logo design requires a complex mixture of design skills, creative theory and a good experience.

A professional and unique logo designed by highly creative and skilled artist with several years of experience is the first step towards creating a unique brand personality.


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Vineet Sharma
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