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COVID-19 | Post Lockdown Signage

COVID-19 Coronavirus disease impacted life globally with ruthless results. However, the human race is rising strong and getting back to the regular life with a fresh start.

Life won’t be the same anytime soon as lot of strict measures and hardcore discipline will be required to stay safe and healthy. This disease has not vanished and we are still prone for the worst-case scenario.

The global lock-down has impacted the industries and all kind of businesses. Restarting daily life in public with disciplined and safe measures is the only key to protect our race.

Core Design Lab has strategically designed various signage that can be used at all kind of public places. From shopping malls, grocery stores, office, hospitals, gyms, restaurant’s and anywhere you please.

These signages can be fully customized and are available in both Print Ready Digital format or Printed version in any size and media. You can provide your business logo and contact details which can be placed on these signages to show your customers that you care for them.

Print Ready Digital Format –

A soft copy in high-resolution will be E-mailed / transferred to you. Once delivered, you can get them printed on any kind media or just project the images to the public.

Printed Version –

Contact us with your required size and formats. All the artwork can be scaled to any required size (Large to Small without losing any resolution). These signages can be printed on Vinyl (decals), Floor Decals, Flex, Sun-boards, Sheets etc.

We are shipping the signages Pan-India. (Due to Covid-19 pandemic, you may experience delay in delivery. Be rest assured, we are working to deliver as soon as we can.)

Core Design Lab will be happy to design more signages or modify the current signage with your requirements.

Contact us today with and Re-start your business with style.

Call: +91 987 202 8808 (From 11:00 AM to 07:00 PM IST) or Email to:


P.S: Please get rid of the ugly prints that ruins the ambiance of your beautiful property.

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