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Ambassador Coupe SS Concept

Presenting the “King of Indian Roads” – Ambassador Coupe SS Concept.

As we all are aware, the legendary Ambassador which was based on the Morris Oxford series III model ruled the Indian roads since 1958.

The 4 door saloon served the rich and famous, defense personnel’s, Government babus to taxi drivers. Those were the good years till the production stopped back in 2014.

The (Hindustan Motors) Ambassador was one of the most powerful player on the Indian roads and I was fascinated by its strong muscular build with a lot of history behind it.

This encouraged me to sketch the legend in a new avatar back in 2006 which is not only fast-n-wild, but also maintains the main design lines and few proportions of its predecessor however shaped into the coupe version.

Although an electric version of the same concept might be a rad idea that can be a big-hit not only on the Indian roads but on a global scale.


A concept by Vineet Sharma - Core Design Lab

Would you like to see the Ambassador Coupe SS concept become a reality?

Comment below and share your thoughts and ideas.

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